Father’s Day 2014: Best Gifts for dad

Father’s day 2014 is just away and most of us have already started planning for gifts for our dads this Father’s day. I have just ordered a beautiful watch from Amazon that my father is definitely going to like.

If you haven’t yet selected a Father’s day gift for your dad, you need to hurry now as there are only two days left. Order gift today so that it can reach you in time. You can choose one from below ideas.

Father’s day personalized Clock

Father's day gift clock              dad special watch

A wall clock with a personalized father’s day message is a nice gift for your father. You can buy it online or can purchase one at your local gift store.

A personalized Gift Mug for Dad

fathers day gift mug

A beautiful Father’s day mug with a personalized message is also a nice idea for a gift this Father’s day.

Love you Dad: A book of Thanks

love you dad, fathers day book

Well, this is one of the best gifts you can give your father this Father’s day if you want to thank him for his love and care for you. Find more Father’s day book ideas here

A personalized Father’s day Picture Frame

father's day picture frame

This one looks really beautiful and comes with a beautiful ‘I love you Dad’ tag, I am just loving it.

Happy Father’s day cushion cover

fathers day cushion cover for dad

I am actually not a very big fan of these, but this one looks really nice, especially that mustache reminds me of my father. Have a look.

A personalized Laptop Skin

father's day laptop skin for dad

If your dad owns a laptop, this is probably the best gift for him. A laptop skin with ‘The best Dad’ message is what you need for your dad this Father’s day.

Playing Cards Deck

playing cards deck for dad

If your father loves playing cards, this one will also make a nice decent gift for your dad this Father’s day.

Father’s Day Greeting Cards

Fathe's day greeting card

What can be a better gift than a beautiful Father’s day greeting card with a beautiful message for your dad. You can write your own message in it.


You can find more Father’s day Git ideas here


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