Ramadan 2015 Quotes

Following our first post about Ramadan quotes, we are back with some more interesting and beautiful Ramadan quotes and wishes to make your month even more fruitful and happier.

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Ramadan 2015 Quotes and Wishes

May the “RAMADAN” bring you
peace and prosperity,
good health and wealth,
and brighten your life forever. (Ameen)
Happy Ramadan Mubarak!!

May ALLAH bestowed you peace,
serenity , tranquillity and health
along with his blessing and bliss.
Ramzan Mubarak..!!

ramadan mubarak quotes

Ramadan, I wish you could stay forever,
So we Muslims will be at out best of Iman

Ramadhan is the month of the Qur’an and one should try to complete at least one complete recitation.

Each good deed is multiplied
70 times during Ramadan
Keep that in mind

Ramadan is a month of mercy and forgiveness;
Another chance to change and discipline ourselves.
Hope we all have an easy fasting,
and pray as much we can in this blessed month.

Best thing about Ramadan is
knowing that Shaitan is locked up

The fact that you were able to
make Dua is already a
sign of mercy from Allah to you.
Don’t waste this opportunity in Ramadan…
Remember me in your prayers

Good things come to those who wait.
Better things come to those
who don’t give up.
The best things come to
those who believe in Allah!….

Ramadhan isn’t about losing weight,
it’s about losing sins.
Have a blessed ramadan.!

Ramadan is a reflection of who we are!
No Shaytan to whisper tous.
Whatever we do is
what our soul desires…
Have a blessed ramadan..!!

Lets renew our approach to Ramadan.
It is a month in which we should
produce greater actions
that last throughout the year

RAMADAN: A truly wonderful month filled with blessings may Allah accepts our good deeds Ameen!

Once you have tasted the sweetness of Iman you will always be able to recognize the bitterness of sins!

Ramadan is the best time to make or break a habit

Tawakkul is having full faith that Allah will take care of you even when things look impossible!

Trust in Allah with all ur heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make ur paths straight.

Don’t treat Dua like medicine where you only use it in times of need.
Rather, treat Dua like the air which you continuously breathe

Prayer is the key to success!

The most powerful weapon against trials,
The most effective medicine against sickness
And the must valuable gift to someone you love

Our Lord, In You (Alone) we put our trust, and to You (Alone) we turn in repentance, and to You (Alone) is (our) final return

Prayer is an amazing exchange. You hand over your worries to Allah, and Allah hands over His blessings to you.

That Day shall you be brought to Judgement, not a secret of you will be hidden.

Sins destroy the heart, Repentance puts it back together!

No matter how weak you think your imaan has gotten, never let your five daily prayers and your relationship with the Qur’an go.

Jannah is pure, so it can only admit someone who is pure.
Purify your heart.

Asalaatu Khayrun Min Al-Noum (Prayer is better than sleep) pray before you’re prayed upon.

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Ramadan Quotes in Hindi

Woh Sehri
Ka “Maza”
Woh Aftari
Ki “Bhook”
Woh Quran
Ki “Talawat”
Woh Namaz
Ka “Mamool”
Woh Roze
Ki “Barkat”
Woh Roze
Ka “Noor”


ramadan-quotes in hindi

Hum Ne Jo Rozay Rakhay,
Jo Ebadatain Ki Aur Jo Namazain Parhin,
YA ALLAH Qabool Karna.
Aur Jo Hum Se Galatiyan Huen,
YA ALLAH Unhe Darguzar Kar Dena,
Aur Hum Sab Ko Mauf Kar Dena,
Hum Sab Ki Qayamat Ke Din Maghfirat Farmana!!

Be Zubano Ko Jab Wo Zuban Deta Hy
Parhne Ko Wo Phir Quran Deta Hy
Bakhshash Pe Aa Jay Jab Ummat K Gunahon Ko
Tohfe Me Phir Woh Ramazan Deta Hy
Have a blessed ramadan..!!

Tum ebadat k lamhom main mera 1 kaam krna,
Her sehri se pehle, her Namaz k bad,
Her Iftaar se pehle, Her Rozey k bad,
Sirf apni DUA k kuch alfaaz mere naam krna.
Ramzan Mubarak Ho

Ae chand unko mera paigam kehna
khusi ka din or hasi ki dham kehna
jab wo dekhe bahar aa k to unko meri taraf se
Mubarak ho Ramzaan Kehna

Ramadan Mubarak
Ke Ibtida Hai
Hamay Ziada Se Ziada
Nekian Kamanay
Or buraiyon Se Dur
Hone Ki toufeeq Ata Farma¢â‚¬Â¦.

Ramadan Quotes from Quran

“O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous -” — Surat Al-Baqarah 2:183

“…But to fast is best for you, if you only knew.” — Surat Al-Baqarah 2:184

“…And eat and drink until the white thread of dawn becomes distinct to you from the black thread [of night]. Then complete the fast until the sunset…”

Ramadan Mubarak quotes from Quran

“Allah is with those who restrain themselves.” — Quran 16: 128

“O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may (learn) self-restraint.” — al-Baqarah, 2:183

“Ramadan is the (month) in which the Quran was sent down, as a guide to mankind and a clear guidance and judgment (so that mankind will distinguish from right and wrong)..” (Q 2:183)

The most honored by Allah amongst you are those best in taqwaa.(Q 49:13)

No prayer is more heavy (harder) for the hypocrites than the Fajr and Isha prayers.

Whoever prays the dawn prayer in congregation, it is as if he had prayed the whole night long

O Son of Adam! Do not miss the morning prayers;
because all the things on which the sun shines will pray for the one who performs the prayer.

Fajr Salah is your first round against Shaytaan, either you knock him out or he puts you to sleep.

The beauty of Fajr, is knowing that Allah (SWT) chose you to be amongst those who worship Him, whilst the rest of the world sleeps.

Whoever prays fajr will be under the protection of Allah.

A day that starts with Fajr prayer is a day worth living.

If you don’t try to wake up for Fajr, there is really no benefit in you waking up at all.

On the Day of Judgement, “Fasting will say: O My Lord I prevented him from food and desires so accept my interception for him.”

“Fasting is a shield with which a servant protects himself from the Fire.” [Imam Ahmad, Saheeh]


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