How to stick to New Year’s Resolutions?


We all make the list of New Year’s Resolutions, but only few of us stay stick to it. Only very few actually. It is a nice idea to make a New Year resolutions 2015 list. It gives you motivation to move ahead and keeps you reminding of your goals for the year. I am making New Year Resolutions from past many years and every year, it gets better and I am too. I would like to share some of my secrets of how did I stay focused on my resolutions

Be serious about it: I am not a very serious kind of person, but sometimes, even I get serious. My New Year’s Resolutions list is one such thing that makes me serious every time I see it. I know that I actually want to do these things and I am serious about that. Be serious for your own list.

Add things that are important: Do not add everything that comes to your mind. Add things that you actually want to do and which can motivate you in some way. If you like to travel and want to travel some new places, you can add it to your list and be sure that you do it.

Be happy about it: Check the list often and be happy for the things you have achieved. Make sure that you achieve the rest ones too.

Take one at a time: You got a complete year to complete your resolutions. Take your time and give enough time to each resolution. Take one at a time starting from the most important one

Do it casually: Do not complete your resolutions like a list of tasks you have to do, but like the things that you actually want to do.

Good luck with your list

Happy New Year 2015 in advance


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