Helpful Tips for a Natural Christmas Tree


Though many people like and find it convenient to purchase a artificial Christmas tree, there are people like me for whom it is not Christmas without a real natural Christmas tree.

Christmas Wishes 2015

If you are one of those people, who are going to decorate a natural Christmas tree this year, here are some helpful ideas you might like to know

  • Choose a healthy Christmas tree grown in a tree farm
  • Put the tree in a spacy and safe place in home, away from fire place or electricity board
  • To make sure that the tree is beautiful and healthy for whole season, cut the base at a 45 degree angle and keep it stored in water.
  • Place the tree away from any source of heat and fire
  • Keep watering the tree to keep it healthy
  • Decorate only with non-flammable things and lights
  • Use only authentic and checked lightning on your Christmas tree
  • Before putting lights on the tree, make sure that there is not any damaged wire
  • Keep the tree always soaked in water to maintain the freshness and to minimize the needle loss problem
  • Once you are done with the tree, discard it completely or recycle it
  • Use a firm and fix stand for your Christmas tree, which can carry enough water to keep the tree soaked
  • Keep the tree protected from electric circuits
  • Turn off the tree lights when you are not around

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