New Year Party Places in Goa


Along with many things that New Year bring along, one is the celebration. The celebration of New Year lasts for entire month, the New Year’s eve is somewhat special. The celebration begins from December 31st Eve and lasts til January 1st. Most of people like me, love to celebrate the New Year in a city like Goa where the celebration is at its peak.

New Year wishes 2016

Here are some wonderful places to celebrate the new year’s Eve in Goa

1. Curlies (Anjuna): Curlies is the coolest place to be seen in when in Goa. You are going top get amazing food, and the dance party starts from New Year’s eve and continues till late morning. One of the best places to be in Goa on New Year

2. Club Cabana (Arpora): On your way to Arpora’s Saturday Night Market, you can recognize this club by the sign of golden lips at the base of the Arpora hill top. Ask someone for Club Cabana and you are at the best New Year’s Eve party place in Goa.

3. Palolem Beach: The best thing about Palolem beach is that there is not any individual parties but a single party for all. You can just go there and enjoy the party. The beach pulsates with people dancing to EDM and psy-trance and the booze continues till late night

4. Leopard Club (Agonda): Psychedelic lights and spinning LEDs make Leopard Club the most amazing place to be on New Year’s eve. When the party starts, you cannot stop yourself from dancing on the beats.

So, if you are planning to be in Goa this New Year, you are not going to find it hard to find a place to party. Just be ready to have fun

Have a wonderful New Year. Download New Year quotes


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