Make a beautiful New Year Card at home

It is customary to offer Greeting cards on the occasion of New Year. You an either buy greeting cards from a local gift shop or you can make one at home. It would be a nice surprise to offer a handmade New Year greeting card to your special one.

Here, we bring the complete tutorial of making a handsome New Year greeting card at home

Things you will need

2 3

Step 1: Take a blank sheet of paper and fold it into half

4 5

Step 2: Mark lines with pencil as shown below

6 7 8

Step 3: Draw a heart like shape just as shown in the image below


Step 4: Write “Happy New Year” within the heart shape using the green marker


Step 5: Design it in following manner

11 12 13

Step 6: Add sticker stars in the design similar to the below image

14 15

Step 7: Cut the shape properly and carefully following the images

16 17 18

Step 8: Add more designs using glitter pends as mentioned below

20 21 22 23 24

You can add your own custom designs and shapes, anything you like

The final card should look something like this


Have a Great New Year celebration and the year

Happy New Year Wishes


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