Earth Day 2016 Images, Quotes, Activities, Games, Quiz

Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd of April every year as a day dedicated to honor the role of mother earth and nature in our life and existence. Earth day gives us all an opportunity to create awareness and means to protect nature and earth from disaster and environmental problems it is facing these days.

Earth Day 2016 will be celebrated on April 22, 2016.

Common Earth day activities include Earth day quizzes for kids in schools, planting trees, participating in awareness rallies, Earth Day games & other activities, wishing Earth day via Earth Day images and spreading awareness through Earth Day 2016 posters.

Earth Day 2016 Images

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Earth Day Quiz 2016

  1. Which automobile pollution control technology became universally adopted following the Clean Air Act Extension of 1970?
    1. Catalytic converters
    2. Evaporative emissions control
    3. Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
    4. Secondary air injection
  2. What year did the United States EPA declared greenhouse gasses a threat to public health?
    1. 2009
    2. 1994
    3. 1972
    4. 1985
  3. What international agreement set the groundwork for phasing out chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and other substances known to deplete the ozone layer?
    1. EMEP Protocol
    2. Geneva Protocol
    3. Montreal Protocol
    4. Multi-effect Protocol
  4. The Stockholm Convention of 2001 aimed to reduce what chemical substances that are known to bio-accumulate and pose a risk to human health?
    1. Mercury compounds
    2. Persistent organic pollutants (POPs)
    3. Carbon dioxide derivatives
    4. Nuclear byproducts
  5. With over 1.2 million people displaced, 13 cities flooded, submersion of polluted factories, and location on top of geologic fault lines, what is widely thought to be the most environmentally destructive dam project of all time?
    1. The Chapeton Dam
    2. The Three Gorges Dam
    3. Tucurui Dam
    4. The Hoover Dam

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Happy Ugadi 2016 Wishes, Images, Greetings, SMS, Messages, Quotes

Ugadi is a Southeastern Indian festival that is celebrated on the first day of the Hindi Chaitra month to welcome the Hindu Nav Varsh. The festival is known with different names in different parts of the country. Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu, Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra, etc. Those, who celebrate Ugadi festival, can find here some beautiful Ugadi 2016 Wishes, Ugadi 2016 Images, Happy Ugadi 2016 Images, Ugadi 2016 SMS, Ugadi 2016 SMS in Telugu, Ugadi 2016 Messages in Telugu, Ugadi 2016 Quotes, Ugadi 2016 Greetings in Telugu to share with their loved ones this day.

Happy Ugadi 2016 Wishes, Images, Messages

Maduramaina Prathiksanam Nilsthundi Jeevitantam Raabothunna Kotta Samvataram Alanti Ksanalani Enno ivalani Korukuntu Ugadi Shubakankshalu

May your hate for your enemies fades away
May the darkness around you become lighter
May this Ugadi bring joy, health and prosperity to you and your family.

Ugadiya Bannagalu Barali,Ee Varusha Nimma Bhalali,Masadirali Yendendigu,He Hrudaya Rangoli.

May This Ugadi be as bright as ever
May this Ugadi bring joy, health and wealth to you
May the festival of lights brighten up you and your near and dear ones lives

Difficulties in mee jeevithamlu
Malli ravadhu to Destroy nuvu kani
To sahayam meku Realize meru
Hidden potential and power let
Difficultiestelusa adhi meru
Difficult E-yearlu happy Ugadhi

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Happy Gudi Padwa 2016 Images, SMS, Wishes in Marathi

Gudi Padwa is one of the most traditional Hindu festival that is celebrated to welcome the Indian New Year. Gudi Padwa is celebrated on the first day of the hindu Chaitra month. Gudi Padwa 2016 will be celebrated on 8th April. Those, who live in Maharastra and other nearby states in India, celebrate this festival with great joy and marriness. It is customary to exchange Gudi Padwa 2016 Images, SMS, Wishes in Marathi on this day.

Here, I am sharing some wonderful Gudi Padwa 2016 Images, Happy Gudi Padwa 2016 Images, Gudi Padwa 2016 Wishes, Gudi Padwa 2016 SMS, Gudi Padwa 2016 SMS in Marathi, Gudi Padwa 2016 Messages in Marathi, Gudi Padwa 2016 Quotes, Gudi Padwa 2016 Greetings in Marathi for all my readers. Enjoy the celebration.

Gudi Padwa 2016 Images

Gudi Padwa 2016 Wishes, Messages, & Quotes

वर्षामागून वर्ष जाती,
बेत मनीचे तसेच राहती,
नव्या वर्षी नव्या भेटी,
नव्या क्षणाशी नवी नाती,
नवी पहाट तुमच्यासाठी,
शुभेच्छांची गाणी गाती!
गुढी पाडव्याच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा

Aaushya ek vina,
Ana sur bhavnanche.
Ga dhund hovun tu sangit navin varshache
Have a wonderful Gudi Padwa

तिच्यावर कोरे कापड (खण) चाफ्याचा फुलांची माळ, साखरेच्या गाठी, कडूनिंब या सर्वांसमवेत गडू बांधावा व अशी सजलेली गुढी सूर्योदयापासून सूर्यास्तापूर्वीपर्यंत घरावर डौलाने उभी करावी. हा ब्रह्मध्वज आहे. आपल्या स्वतंत्र अस्मितेचे ते लक्षण आहे ‍‍विजयाचे प्रतीक म्हणून आपण गुढी उभी करतो

Shrikhand Puri, Reshmi Gudi, Limba che Pan, Nav Varsha jaao chhan. Amchya sarvanchya tarphe hardik shoobhecha. *Happy Gudi Padwa*

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